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Quick Turnaround – Understanding Scope + Market Segments + Customer Profile for Laser Cutting

Quick Turnaround

Some of the common themes for or the root cause for something taking longer than it should is we haven’t done a good job of pulling the right information from the customer. To understand the full scope, not only just the manufacture but when are the components needed, what are really the requirements for manufacturing the part. I think the more time they can provide PCI, the more detailed they can be with their requests, defined as they can give us the files up front. If we can take those files and have them nested or if they can be clear on their release quantities, clear on what the long term commitment is going to be, that would help us.


Clarity around scope, clarity around the correct files, as Mike said is it a short term project? Is it a long term project that helps us understand how we approach it not that we approach one in a preferred sense. We do approach them differently and it will play into how we engineer the product in terms of how we get it to the floor and what we do in terms of quick fixture. A more long term robust fixture for the part depending on what is required and how long the process or the part would run.

Customer Profile

My profile, our profile would be a customer that wants us to make money, that needs us as much as we need them, it is a customer that doesn’t look to come back every year and look for reductions and cost improvements, it is a customer that’s unique in terms of helping us to diversify our market segments, so it is not someone who is in one of our existing market segments or maybe it off sets one of the smaller market segments, that’s attractive to us. I think it would simply be a customer has a long term partnering vision similar to ours, they are interested in a long term relationship where we are both improving over time at the benefit of each of us in the long term relationship that is mutually beneficial.[/fusion_text][/one_full]