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Precision Cut Industries, Hanover PA is Acquiring New Company

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Precision Cut Industries, Hanover PA is Acquiring New Company


Precision Cut Industries (PCI), is acquiring Washington DC-based Marelco, Inc. on November 30th, 2015.

PCI, located in Hanover, PA, is a leading contract manufacturer in the metal industry. They are excited to integrate this new division which will complement their current capabilities of laser cutting, welding, forming and assembly.

Marelco’s core competencies are punching metal components, forming, welding, CNC machining, wet painting and silk screening.

Brian Greenplate, President and CEO of PCI says “I can see some amazing possibilities from the integration of our two businesses. PCI and Marelco are the perfect match”.

Rodney Osbourne, newly appointed Division Director at Marelco says “I am extremely excited about the PCI acquisition of Marelco. With their strong ownership and outstanding reputation, I look forward to executing our new shared vision.”

Marelco has been in business for 30 years and employs approximately 20 people, with   current sales of around $3M annually. PCI, founded in 1998, employs approximately 100 people, grossing around $17M annually. Together they’ll form a powerful new manufacturing group.

A Growth Strategy

PCI serves very diverse industries such as agriculture, food and beverage, heating and refrigeration, auto and transportation and energy production. Marelco specializes in the defense, satellite, communications, professional gaming and wagering industries. Each company’s expertise and long standing service reputation will build on the other. This naturally opens each to growth opportunities.

A Bright Future

Mr. Greenplate says, “At PCI, we’re eager to bring all of the manufacturing capabilities that we do not have today to our customers via Marelco. Specifically the perforated punching, the CNC machining, wet painting and silk screen labeling. We’re excited that this acquisition expands the breadth of services we can provide to our customers. This also allows us to explore completely new industries.”

The acquisition will be finalized on November the 30th, 2015. Marelco will then be considered a division of PCI. Mr. Greenplate is maintaining the Marelco branding while integrating it as a division of the PCI family.

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