Our Hanover headquarters now offers complimentary capabilities to its laser cutting portfolio. Previously housed in Beltsville MD, the turret punch press has been in operation in Hanover as of mid-January 2020. We now can provide you with the flexibility to handle short to long production runs with punching and forming applications in the flat.

Key highlights of our turret punch press are listed below.

Model: LVD Strippit ST1225

  • Tonnage: 20-ton CNC turret punch press

  • 29 stations for fast, automatic tool changes

  • 3-D Formed features such as lances, louvers, knock-outs, countersinking and counterboring

  • Typical Applications:

    • Exterior panels used in HVAC and outdoor enclosures which include louvers for ventilation

    • Electrical enclosure knockouts

    • Hole-intensive components – with and without hardware

  • Thickness & material types: Up to .157” thk carbon steel; up to .187” aluminum; up to .090” Stainless Steel

  • Size: 144” long x 48” wide