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A new powerhouse machining center to increase our capacity at PCI

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Our Okuma Genos M560-V is hard at work helping our customers get their components when they need them

PCI has recently added to our machining center capabilities with the purchase of an Okuma Genos M560-V vertical machining center. This machine boasts a 15,000 rpm spindle with 30hp drive and a carriage of 32 tool spaces along with linear travel of 40” in X axis, 20” in Y axis, and 18” in Z axis. The rigid construction of this machine will allow PCI to push the limits of what is possible with material removal rates and to maintain the exacting accuracy that is required. This will help us expand our capacity and further help our customers fulfill their machining needs.

To meet the wide range of parts required by our customers, we need machines that are powerful and accurate. Our goal is to produce parts required by industries of all kinds. Okuma’s machine tools allow us to efficiently remove material and hold tolerances to our customers’ requirements.

This investment means that we can seamlessly and efficiently manage our workload and easily transition from one project to the next. Customers get exactly what they need, when they need it.