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PCI Recognizes Employees Embracing and Practicing the PCI Way

“The PCI Way” are the 30 fundamental behaviors that are central to the way we work. Every week, the PCI Team learns more about a different value to create and maintain a positive work culture. 

As we continue to embrace and live the 30 Fundamentals called the PCI Way, we’ve initiated The PCI Way Recognition Program.  Each week employees nominate coworkers who have displayed an act of the Fundamental of the Week in the workplace.

Fundamental #1 – Deliver World-Class Service
Our first winner for 2020 was Colton Laughman.

• He was elected by a coworker for making a trip to her customer’s facility to sort through parts that were mis-matched when they arrived from one of our outsource suppliers.

Fundamental #2 – Take Extreme Ownership
Our second winner for this year was Jeff Mummert.

• Jeff took ownership with helping a coworker organize and declutter his work area and the shipping area. The coworker was very grateful for Jeff’s help and organizational skills.  He now has a well-organized area, that has helped him to work and perform more efficiently.

Fundamental #3 – Embrace Change
Our winners for round 3 were:

Molly Sanders
April Fink
Craig Schriver
Robin Rebert
Tucker Rice
Jen Moran
Jim Slee
Sheri Smith
Scott Gordon
Jerry Ricucci
Sarah Murren
Jeanette Mares

• This group of folks have been doing rounds of cleaning throughout the office and the plants. Every 3 hours, they clean all touch points in all the common areas.

Fundamental #4 – Honor Commitment
Our employee receiving recognition for this Fundamental is Nate Long.

• Nate stepped up to help while we were short-staffed during these uncertain times. Not only was he performing his supervisor duties overseeing the weld and press brake areas, he was also running a press brake and also assisting in the shipping department

Congratulations to our winners!