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Trumpf Laser Cutting -Trumpf 3030 -Trumpf 2530 -Trumpf 1030 Fiber laser

Trumpf Laser Cutting

Trumpf is a global company that makes hand tools as well big pieces of equipment like PCI has. There are OEM4 Lasers and for most of our press breaks, they also get into various other robotic welding type cells and things of that nature but all of which doesn’t really apply to PCI.

Trumpf 3030

The Trumpf machine that we have are 3030 models which are CO2 based machines. We have the 2530s which are older machines but again are CO2 based and then we have 2 fiber lasers, both are 1030s. One is a 2001 and one is a 3001 they are our newest machines. In our opinion they have one of the best products in the market place just because of their reputation and their commitment to customers.

So if we have an issue they’re here on site helping us through those problems. The fibres are definitely the way of the future so we are just getting into the market place for the amount of operating costs that they have, it is hard to beat what they offer.

Variety of Jobs

There is a variety of different jobs we can cut on there, we’ll do steels, stainless jobs we do them for different industries. We will do automotive, agricultural, energy so pretty much we will do any type of job on there as long as it is a steel. Press break will take your metal, it clamps your metal between 2 dies and it will form it to a certain angle that you put into the machine.

One of the nice things to know is one of the customers we have cut things for in the past makes parts that serves our military. So when you cut those parts and you know those parts are going into some type of service and may or may not be able to help somebody in a bad situation, it is good to know that you are helping those guys out.