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Order Processing Speed – Manufacturing Order Process for Laser Cutting Sales + Overhead + Rate

Order Processing Speed

A couple of things they can do to make sure it’s processed quickly is, one, make sure if they have a print, everything is legible on it, the tolerances are laid out of what they are expected to have. Know what the materials are, if they have a CAD file that we can use so that we don’t have to draw the part, that will speed up the process.

If they are supplying the material, when is it going to be here, if we are supplying the material, how long is it going to take to get it, if it is something special. Those are a couple of things that will make it go a lot quicker. I think some of the reasons were miss communication, if we are doing jobs that require some assembly work, who is supplying all the parts, you might get some from the customer, we might supply some just making sure that everybody is on the same page. So when you are coming to the end of the project, you are not waiting for something you could have had here a lot quicker.

We get a lot of parts for an agricultural company, they will send us the files, they send us prints, DXFs, they give us the PO for the parts. We supply material all the time so we can just put it right in the system and cut it and it’s done. If it is going to be a laser cut part, standard time, would be nice. A week, when you get into the more complicated stuff where you are going to do bending and welding, you have got to add a little bit of time into that. Usually a couple of weeks to get that done, but we always try to accommodate customers if they have to have it right away, we will work with them.