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“The FABRICATOR” article about Precision Cut Industries

Article about Precision Cut Industries growth

Article about Precision Cut Industries growth

Here is a brief excerpt of what the Fabricator had to say:

“Company mission, vision, or value statements ring hollow sometimes, often because of how vague they are. A company can strive to be “the premier metal fabricator in the market,” but what exactly does that mean? Reputation is important, but it’s also tough to define and measure. Sometimes a mission statement could describe something objective—like world-class on-time performance—but it’s still an end; the means to get there remains undefined. Because these statements lack specifics, they’re difficult to act on.

Precision Cut Industries, a contract manufacturer in Hanover, Pa., takes a different approach. The 130-employee company operates under what it calls the PCI Way, entailing a list of behaviors. At first glance, it sounds like your typical, broad company-values document, particularly when you read the first statement:

Deliver world-class service. “It’s all about the customer experience. Do the little things as well as the big things that surprise and create the ‘wow.’ Make every interaction stand out for its helpfulness. Create loyalty by always doing what’s best for your customer, both internal and external. Do what whatever it takes and go above and beyond what’s expected. Understand their needs and put them ahead of our own.”