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Precision Cut Industries (PCI) Consolidates All Resources to Hanover, PA

In June of 2019, PCI began the Beltsville, MD transition of its employees, customers, and equipment to the Hanover, PA location. We are targeting the completion of this transition by the end of the 1st Quarter in 2020. Our challenge is to complete this transition in a seamless manner to minimize disruptions to our customer base.

This transition is extremely strategic as PCI now offers:

While involving many interim steps, the consolidation of our Beltsville, MD facility was essentially broken down into 2 key phases:

Phase 1 included transitioning all sheet metal fabrication to our Hanover facility with key pieces of equipment, a Strippit turret punch and Strippit press brake. This move was accomplished with minimal down time contained to just one week in November of 2019.

In late January 2020, Phase 2 began with the transition of our machining center, that highlights a Haas VF-2, Haas VF-4 and Haas VF-6, along with a full array of ancillary support equipment. Through careful planning and execution, the machining center was transported to Hanover, PA and was set-up and operational within the same week.

We are also very pleased to welcome a number of Beltsville employees to our Hanover team, bringing with them a wide array of knowledge, and skills, that complement our Hanover team. This eased the transition of existing assemblies that were historically produced in Beltsville, while maintaining and supporting all customers.