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Precision Cut Industries expands its facilities

Construction on PCI expansion early 2019

We are nearing the end of our facilities expansion project. An additional 25,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space has been constructed, along with 3000 sq. ft of office space and shipping areas.

According to Brian Greenplate, President & CEO, “We want to better support our customers, improve our processes, and increase our efficiencies in all departments.”

This new space provides value for our customers by streamlining the production process from concept to manufacturing to delivery. Our new offices brings together key participants in the production process–such as project managers, engineers, and shop staff– to collaborate on projects. Our expansion gives us more flexibility to add more value and scale with our customers in the years to come.

This $2.4M project includes a significant low-interest loan facilitated by Adams Economic Alliance and Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA). Keller Contracting of York, PA is overseeing the construction of the expansion project (kellercontractingllc.com).

The expansion project is slated for completion by Q4 2019.