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Laser Cutting and Manufacturing Preparation Best Practice

Laser Cutting and Manufacturing

Customer Options

There are a couple of different options a customer can bring in. They can bring a hard print that is basically the drawing of a part that they want for us to produce verses a DXF file. Which is an electronic drawing that we can use within our processes to unfold or make a flat pattern from.

I would say the worst has been on a napkin or just over the phone to make a product.  To try and visualize the product and try and make it, but it is in everyone’s best interest that we have something to go off of.  At the end of the day you want to make a good quality product. So the more information we have upfront from the customer the better quality product they are going to get at the end.

Customer Files

The best thing a customer can give to us is a DXF file and the reason for that is, if we can cut that, cut the DXF file right from the customer.  It would allow us to get things right to the floor and not have all the checks and balances required.  To be able to get that done, so if they give us the file we can just go and get it cut and move on.