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How To Get the Best Price when Manufacturing Metal Products by Laser Cutting, Bending and Welding

How To Get the Best Price


Some of the things we can do to maybe reduce some of our pricing? I guess first of all I don’t necessarily think it is about pricing so to speak, I think maybe being the lowest person on the totem pole isn’t necessarily the best part you are going to get so I don’t think it is just about reducing pricing, I think it is about the overall package.

We can give them different ideas to be able to do that whereas some of our engineering folks that we have here can actually meet with customers and go through their product line and maybe help them to define things that we can maybe in the process eliminate or maybe add that is cost effective to maybe reduce pricing in the end.

Custom Work

We do have a customer that we work very closely with, they actually brought us a design idea and we worked with them. So they wanted to go with a thicker material but we decided to go with something maybe less thick to reduce some of the material pricing. Saying that also we were able to not necessarily do a full weld on certain things, maybe do a stitch weld, so those type of things can turn into big price reductions for the customer.

If it was a new customer I think the best way to do that was to have them come to PCI, meet the group, go through the shop to see what we can do. I think a lot of the times our customers may not know all of our capabilities, our full scope abilities but once we go through the shop we can identify different processes that we have and different operations that lead themselves to maybe other sales.

Project Specs

The things that we ask our customers for are DXF files, we do a lot of things through Solid Works as well, we do a lot of 3D modelling as well, so those things are all helpful in being able to get the product to our programming department and being able to get it to the floor.

I think what makes a great customer, a customer great is partnership. Being able to sit down with the customer, have open dialogue and identify and potential issues as well as have an open door policy I think that makes a great customer.