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Hydroelectric Energy

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Hydroelectric Energy Gets Infrastructure Support from Precision Cut Industries

Hanover, PA — (SBWIRE) — 04/29/2014 — Precision Cut Industries puts their manufacturing skills to use in rebuilding America’s Hydroelectric Energy Infrastructure.

Precision Cut Industries of Hanover, PA sits at the forefront of laser cutting manufacturing. With two manufacturing facilities in south-central Pennsylvania, they have established themselves as leaders in laser cutting, welding and materials bending, utilizing a unique expertise in lean manufacturing. They have announced that they are applying their highly accurate laser cutting techniques to help retrofit America’s energy infrastructure. They are doing this specifically in the hydroelectric energy industry.

Hydroelectric dams work by using the force of the water flow to turn turbines, which in turn spin generators to produce electricity. Most dams have a number of turbines and generators. The oldest hydroelectric energy plants in the country are in need of turbine and generator upgrades. Precision Cut Industries supplies laser cut laminations which play a critical role in upgrading the hydroelectric generator. Each generator requires as many as 10,000 rotor laminations. The laser cutting of generator rotor laminations, which requires extreme precision within a few 1/1000’s of an inch, is a specialty of Precision Cut Industries.

Brian Greenplate, President of Precision Cut Industries, says about their manufacturing process, “We have an established track record as being both able to deliver the precision specs needed for the hydroelectric industry, and for delivering projects on time.”

While hydroelectric energy has been touted as a relatively clean form of energy, much of its physical infrastructure is in need of renewal. Most hydroelectric infrastructure in the United States dates back to the Depression Era. The Hoover Dam is the best known hydroelectric dam in the US, though it ranks #50 on the world’s list largest hydroelectric dams. It was completed in the late thirties, typical of the majority of power plants producing hydroelectric energy.

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Precision Cut Industries

Precision Cut Industries in South Central Pennsylvania in the town of Hanover. They are a leader in using lasers to precision cut manufacturing materials as well as providing a full range of bending and welding services. They are also well versed in lean manufacturing, and are able to provide some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. They have a particular expertise in renewable energy, agriculture, construction and food & beverage industries.


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