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Sales Growth

Pennsylvania manufacturer/bender/welder sees sales growth


The Hanover-Based Contract Manufacturer Overcomes Gloomy Market Conditions, Continuing Its Growth


Hanover, PA – January 2012 – Precision Cut Industries (“PCI”) grew sales 70% in 2011 and attributes its growth to business development initiatives around targeted approaches to OEMs in various market segments. Since Brian Greenplate took over in 2004, the company has nearly tripled sales in eight years. 2011’s growth was seen from four (4) different market segments – construction equipment was the largest growth contributor, followed by agricultural equipment, heating & refrigeration, and automotive equipment.

Market diversification remains one of PCI’s overall business strengths. Ten (10) market segments support PCI’s overall sales foundation, with six (6) different market segments making up 80% of its total sales, while not exceeding 20% concentration within each of the markets.

PCI leverages its strong market mix and maintains fairly level sales with its existing customer base by off-setting cycle swings across different market segments. President and CEO, Brian Greenplate, elaborates on the company’s sales efforts. “We feel this is the best way to level-load our sales footprint with our existing customer base. There are many factors that are not within our control, but our strategy is to manage those conditions that are. For instance, a drought in the mid-west could impact sales with our agricultural customers – this is out of our control. Having other markets to offset this down-turn is strategically within our control.”

PCI poises itself for approximately 20% growth in 2012, even with gloomy market conditions looming closer with the November 2012 Presidential Election. Greenplate went on to comment, “Clearly, 20% is much more manageable – we’re still catching our breath from the growth experienced in 2011.”

The company has plans to continue pushing into existing markets, as well as growing some of the smaller market segments, and even pursuing new markets.

For more information visit Precision Cut Industries website at https://pcilasercut.com

Precision Cut Industries

Precision Cut Industries in South Central Pennsylvania in the town of Hanover. They are a leader in using lasers to precision cut manufacturing materials as well as providing a full range of bending and welding services. They are also well versed in lean manufacturing, and are able to provide some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. They have a particular expertise in renewable energy, agriculture, construction and food & beverage industries.


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