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New Robotic Arm Provides Operational Flexibility

Bending metal is critical to making many parts at PCI. A quick look at the list of machines dedicated to bending demonstrates just how important. There is new technology at PCI that has the capability to feed parts to many different brake presses.

This robotic arm can be moved from machine to machine and programmed to feed parts to one of the brake presses. The result improves efficiency, productivity and safety.

The idea behind this robotic arm is to provide operational flexibility. It is easy for trained PCI operators to reconfigure the robotic arm to meet production needs.

The arm can work with a variety of brake presses in the shop. It is not dedicated to one machine.

Operators can reprogram the robotic arm to handle different parts and different functions. It can grip parts of different sizes and shapes. It can then position the parts into the brake press with precision. After bending on the brake press, the robotic arm grabs the part again and removes it from the brake press.

These relatively inexpensive and flexible robotic arms have great potential. PCI’s production environment requires a nimble and efficient team. This robotic arm fits well to achieve those goals.