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Minor Design Changes – For Laser Cutting Steel & Other Metals + Welding & Brake Press Bending

Minor Design Changes

I think some of the minor design changes we can do is, like we said, if you watch your tolerances, if you have a bend degree on your print and you are trying to hold it to plus or minus a quarter of a degree.  You have got to really check every part, more time consuming, you might need special tooling to be able to do that.  If they would open up their tolerances you might not have to check the part every time, gets it done a lot faster using tooling you have, you don’t need that extra cost; things like that.

For instance a lot of our customers aren’t manufacturers themselves, they might design the part and they don’t truly understand, when we get in to a bending situation.  For example it is a half inch part and they put an 8th inch radius in there. What that really means is with an 8th inch inside diameter radius in a half inch part that is a thinner radius or a smaller radius than the thickness of the material.  So we run into issues where the tooling clearances won’t allow that.

So if a customer would be understanding or work with us to allow us to open some radiuses up to match material thickness as a standard rule of thumb usually things go a lot better for the design they currently have, we don’t have to go back to the drawing board, modify flat patterns, change things and it makes it for an easier start to finish for their part.


A lot of the times on weldments, the customers will want tabs put on parts, they will just sit them on top of the plates, that’s how they have them drawn, if you can actually tab those parts in, make them slots they fit in there you don’t have to worry about making different fixtures to hold these things they locate themselves, it just makes things go a lot quicker.