Food and Beverage

metal components and sub-assembly weldments for the Food and Beverage industry

PCI currently supports several OEMs offering solutions in the Food & Beverage Industry – anything from metal components in vending machines to sub-assembly weldments for conveyor systems. Food Service Components typically require tight adherence to tolerance specs. PCI provides strong quality control systems throughout our manufacturing process, keeping to our timetable commitments.

Many of the applications require quality edges to facilitate additional handling when products are being assembled complete. Many of the components also require clean surface finishes as many will be visible to the end user. PCI has capabilities to offer complete manufacturing of food service components, including edge & hole/slot conditioning.

This market is a strategic portion of PCI’s business. Our diverse experience with all aspects of the manufacturing of food service components puts us in a position to get up and running on a new project quickly.

Food & Beverage Applications

  • Vending Machine Components
  • Food & Beverage Conveyor Components
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Precision Cut Industries is a Full Service Contract Manufacturer, servicing Industries for over 15 years. Ask about our food service components Applications.

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