Surge Capacity Support

Surge Capacity Support

The Opportunity:

A supplier to a large OEM came to PCI with a large scope project, requiring a quick turn-around that was up and above their internal capacity. The supplier also fabricated dimensionally-larger weldments for the OEM, so coordinating deliveries on various scopes of work added another dynamic of complexity to the project, which already had an aggressive delivery requirement.

The Solution:

PCI quickly communicated and quantified its external needs with its supply chain, especially around raw material and CNC machining. Internally, PCI pulled a team together consisting of Engineering, Programming, Quality, Operations and Project Management. With a solid action plan, PCI manufactured prototypes quickly for an expedited approval process to begin production (in parallel of receiving raw material). Surge Capacity Support for Laser Cutting of Steel Rail Transportation Components.

The Results:

Once PCI received approval for production, deliveries were made to the supplier (as many as 2-3 truck-loads per week).  Due to PCI’s experienced team the production planning allowed for efficient, low-error, volume produced on schedule. Thanks to the flexibility of having 10 lasers cutters, PCI was able to play a critical role in delivering product in a very short period of time.

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