Slide Punching up to 3/16th of an inch thick Two CNC turret punches Punching up to 12 feet in length

Sheet Metal Punching

Two (2) CNC turret punches are used to process metal up to the following thicknesses:

  • .187” aluminum
  • .125” steel
  • .090” stainless steel

The computer controlled turret punches are programmed to produce parts that meet our customer drawings. The part is punched through various sized punches; round, rectangular, triangular etc.

PCI also has excellent forming capabilities on their punch with multiple cutting louvers and mounts.

PCI can punch up to 4’ x 12’ sheets of metal.

One advantage of the punching process is the ability to perform secondary operations, such as countersinking of holes and embossing of metal parts. The embossing stiffens the chassis and panels used for them.