Metal Bending and Welding Services


Precision Cut Industries provides manufacturing solutions across several industries demanding metal components such as construction, agriculture, renewable energy, transportation, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical/medical. In addition to laser cutting, saw cutting and shearing, and processing angle bar, PCI offers a robust suite of metal fabrication and welding services.
Many of the industries PCI supports require secondary operations – from edge conditioning, forming, and rolling – to final fit up with welding & assembly. If you are looking for more than a flat pattern, ask us how we can add more value with our metal fabrication and welding capabilities. We can work with your engineering team to develop fixturing to support your critical dimensions within your application.
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Precision Cut Industries is a Full Service Contract Manufacturer, servicing Industries for over 15 years. Our Core Competency is in Supporting Laser Cutting Applications.

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Fabrication Services
Bending – 170-ton capacity Rolling – hydraulic 8″ min diameter Automated Angle Line – shears to length & punches up to 3 different hole/slot sizes at once Saw Cutting – Structural Metals Assembly – Pem inserts Manual Machining Edge Conditioning Welding
Carbon Steel Mild Steel High Strength Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass Copper Titanium Alloys Inconel Monel

  • 5 Press Brakes
  • Up to 10′ & 170 ton capacity

Hydraulic Rolling – 8″ min diameter Angle Line

  • Automated angle line
  • Punches 3 holes & slot sizes at once
  • Shear to length

Saw Cutting

  • Horizontal band saws
  • Various Structures (bar, pipe, tube)


  • PEM Inserting
  • Manual assembly
  • Other hardware
Manual Machining

  • Drilling & Reaming
  • Coutersinking
  • Tapping

Edge Conditioning

  • Fladder Machine (conditions edges & holes)
  • Hand Deburring (special finishing requirements)
  • Time Saving Graining for powder adhesion


  • Robotic & Manual
  • Mig & TIG
  • AWS Certified

Weld fixtures design in-house

Production Volume High / Repetitive volumes Low / “one-off” runs Prototyping to support production



Typical Lead Times High
/ Repetitive volumes – Weekly deliveries possible with forecasts Low /
“one-off” runs – varies pending complexity of application
& scope of magnitude (approx. 6 weeks ARO)Prototyping to support production – 6-8 weeks