Fabricated Steel Conveyor Machine

Conveyor Machine Steel Components

The Opportunity

A food and beverage equipment OEM was in need of a vendor that could fabricate a large number of precision steel and stainless steel components with quick turnarounds; 3 to 4 days in most cases. Although many of the parts had similar characteristics, they each required different methods for fabrication. The customer supplied us with a database of part numbers, and this alone posed an administrative challenge. Combined with the requirement of manufacturing and shipping, approximately 600 parts per day. We knew that an innovative process solution would be necessary.

The Solution

Working closely with the OEM, we developed a multi-faceted production process. We jointly entered into a Cost-Plus-Agreement with the OEM; this arrangement includes pre- negotiated rates for process times and raw materials. In close collaboration with the customer, jobs are routed in parallel paths going directly to programming, generating all the required documentation and scheduling priorities. The system provides both PCI and the OEM with real time status on work-in-process, enabling both parties to focus on getting information to PCI to produce parts in the priority required by the OEM’s job schedule. Fabricated Steel Conveyor Machine Components for the Food & Beverage Industry The Results: The collaborative effort allowed both parties to save a combined 1,500 hours per year in estimating, reviewing estimates, managing an extremely large database of different part numbers, and associated paperwork. Saving time and costs on the front end also allowed PCI the ability to ship within the 3-day lead-time window. Here are some highlights of the advantages and savings that this project produced. 75% of the OEMs product ships within 3-5 days upon receiving job priorities Stainless components typically ship in 3-5 days Raw, un-painted carbon steel components ship in 3-4 days 25% of the OEMs product ships within 1-2 days upon receiving job priorities Painted carbon steel components ship in 2-3 days “Engineering change” components: 1 day

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