From Concept to Production

Manufacturing Engineering Input

PCI routinely works with its customers to take concepts and create manufacturable solutions. PCI’s experienced engineering team is adept at providing value-added design ideas to optimize our customer’s ideas and turn them into manufacturable products.


We work closely with our customers to then test and optimize the jointly developed concepts in prototyping and pre-production testing. PCI’s 3-dimensional inspection capabilities, via its state-of-the-art Faro Arm measuring device, provides precision immediate dimensional feedback during this stage.


After optimizing and testing in the prototype phase, PCI finalizes tooling, fixture and manufacturing cell layout to move into the production phase. Typically, the production phase starts with low levels, progressing up to the medium and high levels of production.

Quality & Environmental Certifications

Our 9001 International Standards Quality Certification provides customers with the assurances that we have processes in place to successfully provide products that meet design requirements.