Manufacturers Strike ‘Perfect Match’

Manufacturers Strike 'Perfect Match' Conewago contract metal company CEO sees fit with newly purchased D.C. firm By Roger DuPuis, December 21, 2015 at 8:00 AM This article was originally published [...]

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Quick Turnaround – Understanding Scope + Market Segments + Customer Profile for Laser Cutting

Quick Turnaround Some of the common themes for or the root cause for something taking longer than it should is we haven't done a good job of pulling the [...]

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Precision Cut Industries, Hanover PA is Acquiring New Company

Precision Cut Industries, Hanover PA is Acquiring New Company FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Precision Cut Industries (PCI), is acquiring Washington DC-based Marelco, Inc. on November 30th, 2015. PCI, located in Hanover, [...]

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Quoting – Estimating Project Cost by Understanding, Anticipating, and Meeting Customer Needs

Quoting This blog features a video about estimating project costs by understanding, anticipating, and meeting customer needs and expectations.  Various factors are discussed such as: scope of project, cycle time [...]

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Competitive Pricing – Competitive Priorities and Customer Relationship Management

Competitive Pricing A lot of times what we see with pricing, where we can offer very competitive pricing is with our technology we have the ability to nest a lot [...]

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Customer Service Orders – Overcoming Customer Obstacles to Improve Response Time in the Order Entry

Customer Service Orders We receive orders from our customers that tell us what to manufacture, how to manufacture it and those orders come in various formats. They may come in [...]

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Minor Design Changes – For Laser Cutting Steel & Other Metals + Welding & Brake Press Bending

Minor Design Changes I think some of the minor design changes we can do is, like we said, if you watch your tolerances, if you have a bend degree on [...]

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Refining Customer Designs : For Laser Cutting Steel & Other Metals + Welding & Brake Press Bending

Refining Customer Designs Refinements A lot of the refinements that we will make is when a customer drills a part out and say the part needs to be bent.  If it [...]

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3D Modeling – Flat Pattern Drafting & Design + Sheet Metal Parts for Manufacturing and 3D Conversion

3D Modeling-Flat Pattern Drafting Best practices Some of the best practices for the 3D modeling are when a customer draws us the material, parts are in 3D, you need to [...]

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Pricing Strategy -Strategies and Pricing Your Work for Services in the Product Manufacturing Process

Pricing Strategy One of the current themes that we have here is a customer coming in with an over intolerance on their print. For a part that they want us [...]

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