Automotive Fabrication

structural metal fabrication via laser cutter for the automotive industry

The automotive market segment that PCI supports requires a broad spectrum of capabilities. Our customers need fabrication of sheet metal enclosures for motors. For example, this may be to complete structural metal fabrications for trailers. Our laser cutting operations provide the ability to create efficient manufacturing processes. We meet the needs of this market segment. Large and small capabilities mean we are available to service most automotive fabrication needs. PCI is there for short-term service needs, as well as fulfilling ongoing contracts. Because demand varies each week, with some customers not knowing the mix of product they will need until the last moment, PCI works with the customer to offer the appropriate mix and quantity of inventory levels. With a strategic commitment up front, PCI can deliver automotive fabrication products as needed.

Automotive Manufacturing Applications

  • Trailer Frames
  • Dump Trailer Components
  • Tow Truck Components
  • After-market Components
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Precision Cut Industries is a Full Service Contract Manufacturer, servicing Industries for over 15 years. Ask about our Automotive Fabrication Possibilities.

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