Agricultural Equipment

metal components and implementation for agriculture

PCI manufactures laser cut flat patterns for a large OEM, to complete components with various finishing requirements. Creating components for agricultural equipment challenges the adaptability of many manufacturers. PCI provides quick implementation and turn-around for our customers, helping OEM’s smooth their manufacturing operation by providing added capacity, design and manufacturing expertise.

With a diverse parts inventory and quickly changing supply needs, PCI gives agricultural equipment OEM’s the needed capacity to smoothly plan and run their operations. Our production schedules can accommodate a short-term support operation to compliment the OEM’s operations, or we can provide long term contract manufacturing and direct delivery services.

It can be challenging supporting manufacturing models with large databases of part numbers – some with high volumes and some with very low volumes. With PCI’s flexibility in its laser cutting, metal bending and welding service center, this helps alleviate bottlenecks down-stream.

Agriculture Manufacturing Capabilities

Our capabilities include:

  • Spreader
  • Chassis
  • Tractor components
  • Grain movement components
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Precision Cut Industries is a Full Service Contract Manufacturer, servicing Industries for over 15 years. Ask about our agriculture equipment solutions.

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