Quoting – Estimating Project Cost by Understanding, Anticipating, and Meeting Customer Needs

This blog features a video about estimating project costs by understanding, anticipating, and meeting customer needs and expectations.  Various factors are discussed such as: scope of project, cycle time calculation and analysis, technical specifications, material requirements, and the surface finish process.

All of theses variables can be addressed by keeping an open dialogue with your customer during the estimation process. […]

Pricing Strategy -Strategies and Pricing Your Work for Services in the Product Manufacturing Process

Pricing Strategy
One of the current themes that we have here is a customer coming in with an over intolerance on their print. For a part that they want us to manufacture for them and that really comes back to good communication between the customer and ourselves. So we see something, we look at it, we don’t understand what the […]

How To Get the Best Price when Manufacturing Metal Products by Laser Cutting, Bending and Welding

How To Get the Best Price

Some of the things we can do to maybe reduce some of our pricing? I guess first of all I don’t necessarily think it is about pricing so to speak, I think maybe being the lowest person on the totem pole isn’t necessarily the best part you are going to get so I don’t […]