Quick Turnaround – Understanding Scope + Market Segments + Customer Profile for Laser Cutting

Quick Turnaround
Some of the common themes for or the root cause for something taking longer than it should is we haven’t done a good job of pulling the right information from the customer. To understand the full scope, not only just the manufacture but when are the components needed, what are really the requirements for manufacturing the part. I […]

Quoting – Estimating Project Cost by Understanding, Anticipating, and Meeting Customer Needs

This blog features a video about estimating project costs by understanding, anticipating, and meeting customer needs and expectations.  Various factors are discussed such as: scope of project, cycle time calculation and analysis, technical specifications, material requirements, and the surface finish process.

All of theses variables can be addressed by keeping an open dialogue with your customer during the estimation process. […]

Competitive Pricing – Competitive Priorities and Customer Relationship Management

Competitive Pricing
A lot of times what we see with pricing, where we can offer very competitive pricing is with our technology we have the ability to nest a lot of different components from like materials together. About 40-50% of our costs come from raw material.  If we have the ability to take several different sizes of material, pull them […]

Customer Service Orders – Overcoming Customer Obstacles to Improve Response Time in the Order Entry

Customer Service Orders
We receive orders from our customers that tell us what to manufacture, how to manufacture it and those orders come in various formats. They may come in a blanket order, they may come in just releases from a blanket that really indicates to us what we should be making, how to make it, quantities and delivery dates. […]

Minor Design Changes – For Laser Cutting Steel & Other Metals + Welding & Brake Press Bending

Minor Design Changes
I think some of the minor design changes we can do is, like we said, if you watch your tolerances, if you have a bend degree on your print and you are trying to hold it to plus or minus a quarter of a degree.  You have got to really check every part, more time consuming, you might […]

Pricing Strategy -Strategies and Pricing Your Work for Services in the Product Manufacturing Process

Pricing Strategy
One of the current themes that we have here is a customer coming in with an over intolerance on their print. For a part that they want us to manufacture for them and that really comes back to good communication between the customer and ourselves. So we see something, we look at it, we don’t understand what the […]

Laser Cutting – Line Cutter Projects to Cut Metal + Perforating Sheet Metal with Laser Beam + Steel

Laser Cutting – Line Cutter Projects
One of the things I think sets laser cutting apart from some of the other alternative methods to cut metal is one the flexibility, with the laser cutter you can put a flat sheet of steel up there and cut any number of geometries. Where if you go to a stamping outfit or a […]

Order Processing Speed – Manufacturing Order Process for Laser Cutting Sales + Overhead + Rate

Order Processing Speed
A couple of things they can do to make sure it’s processed quickly is, one, make sure if they have a print, everything is legible on it, the tolerances are laid out of what they are expected to have. Know what the materials are, if they have a CAD file that we can use so that we […]

Trumpf Laser Cutting -Trumpf 3030 -Trumpf 2530 -Trumpf 1030 Fiber laser

Trumpf Laser Cutting
Trumpf is a global company that makes hand tools as well big pieces of equipment like PCI has. There are OEM4 Lasers and for most of our press breaks, they also get into various other robotic welding type cells and things of that nature but all of which doesn’t really apply to PCI.
Trumpf 3030
The Trumpf machine that […]

Press Brake – Machine Tool Programming Operation Clamp for Bending + Tooling + Forming + Punch + Die

Press Brake – Machine Tool Programming
Press Brake
Press brake is a machine tool that will take your material, you clamp it between a punch and a die and it will form your material into which ever specific angle you need. The Trumpf press brakes we have range from model C120, also a Trumpf V130, then we have the Trumpfs 5085 […]