Minor Design Changes – For Laser Cutting Steel & Other Metals + Welding & Brake Press Bending

Minor Design Changes
I think some of the minor design changes we can do is, like we said, if you watch your tolerances, if you have a bend degree on your print and you are trying to hold it to plus or minus a quarter of a degree.  You have got to really check every part, more time consuming, you might […]

Laser Cutting – Metal, Steel, Titanium, Thicknesses and Tolerances With a Laser Cutter

Laser Cutting – Metal, Steel, Titanium
Process of Cutting Metal
The process of cutting metal at PCI goes pretty simply actually for somebody who has never seen it done before, but you end up just taking a standard material which for us it’s very stiff types of metal, put it onto a C&C controlled machine which is our lasers, that machine […]